Shine Bright Workshop

 Celebrating Small and Hidden Talents

Experience this workshop with your family, teammates or friends and have fun making a mandala that will represent your big, small, visible and invisible talents.   Celebrate your uniqueness and see how each talent complements and builds on the others, creating beauty as a whole!IMG_7860

This workshop is for ages 8 and up.  Its purpose is to strengthen self-worth to avoid experiencing:

  • Feelings of not-being-good-enough
  • Sibling, classmate or teammate rivalry
  • Social media pressures
  • Being pushed around, picked last or bullied
  • Social anxiety 

Shine Bright will help to:

  • Discover hidden talents
  • Find value in small talents
  • Understand that sharing talents makes us become better people
  • Develop a stronger sense of identity and belonging
  • Appreciate different types of talents within group of friends, teammates, and family members, celebrating everyone’s uniqueness 



  • 75 minutes in duration.
  • Best suited for groups of 15-25 people.
  • For ages 8 and up. 
  • All workshop material brought by facilitator (beads not to be kept by participants).img_7744-e1572198157497.jpg
  • Participants will take home a printed photo of their story-board mandala, mounted on poster-board paper.  On the back they will have written, in their own words, about their talents.
  • Parent participation optional, yet strongly recommended so teachings can extend to everyday family life.
  • Cost of $15.00 per person.  Discount may apply to private groups, such as sport teams, birthday parties, etc.

IMG_8562I hope that you give me the opportunity to give this fun workshop for your family and friends!  Having been an on-call Noon Hour Supervisor at the Richmond School District for the past 5 years, has given me the opportunity to observe hundreds of kids and the situations where their self-worth is coming short.

Book your half-hour complimentary talk to see if this workshop is the right fit for your group!  Reserve it at